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Scintillion Volume 9, Number 3
The Advanced Imaging Conference is a non-profit organization managed by an all-volunteer, non-compensated board of astrophotography enthusiasts. Subscribe
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The AIC Board of Directors
R. Jay GaBany
Ken Crawford
Frank Barnes III
Warren Keller
Keith Allred
Bob Fera
Chris Murray
Rob Chapman
Jim Goodenough
AIC 2015 Sponsors
Astronomy Magazine
BoldlyGo Institute
DC3 Dreams
Officina Stellare
Sierra Remote Observatories
Sky & Telescope
Software Bisque
Woodland Hills Camera and Telescope

AIC 2015 Vendors
Astrodon Imaging
Astro Haven Enterprises
Atik Cameras
Deep Space Products
Finger Lakes Instrumentation
Hacienda Los Andes
Innovations Foresight
Mathis Instruments
Optec, Inc.
Precise Parts
Prism America
San Pedro Valley Observatory
Sky-Watcher USA
Starlight Xpress
Texas Nautical Repair

Happy Holidays!

From the Advanced Imaging Conference management team, we hope you have a cheerful, safe and memorable holiday season with clear, dark, steady skies and the time to enjoy them!

Jay, Ken, Frank, Keith, Bob, Warren, Chris, Jim, and Rob.

Read the AIC Blog

AIC Blog
Checkout the AIC Blog
What is the latest information about the next AIC Conference? How about tips and techniques that can help you improve your next image? Do you have, or have you seen, a favorite image you would like to share with the world?

These are just a few of the reasons for becoming a follower of the new AIC Blog.

Now available on the AIC website, we'll be sharing important AIC announcements, information about processing and image acquisition techniques, links and reviews of compelling images, community news and your comments.

Solve all the mysteries with an AIC Digital Library Card

AIC Digital Library Card

The pursuit of astrophotography is often accomplished in isolation apart from family, friends or fellow enthusiasts. And because face-to-face instructional courses are very rare, astrophotography is often learned over time through a trial and error approach that requires perseverance, mountains of patience, serendipity and deciphering fragments of piecemeal advice obtained from online forums or through email threads.

You are not alone. Every astrophotographer, even the most seasoned expert, is constantly searching for answers to de-mystify the production of compelling, evocative images.

Since 2004, the Advance Imaging Conference has maintained a digital library featuring over 250 of the best presentations from each meeting. This has been further enhanced by the addition of over 20 hours of live workshop videos that place you inside the room with the expert.

Organized by the conference year and cross referenced by topic, opening the door to this treasure-trove of higher knowledge only requires an AIC Digital Library Card.

Are you satisfied with your astrophotographs? Would you like to improve the quality of your exposures, increase the efficiency of your image processing skills and create more stunning pictures?

Consider how much you have invested in astrophotography hardware and software. For a fraction of that cost, the Advanced Imaging Conference Digital Library Card will enable you to take greater advantage of the technology you already own.

AIC Digital Library Contributors

For only $200, the Advanced Imaging Conference Digital Library Card will provide you with the information needed to produce images that will boost your confidence and increase your sense of accomplishment- regardless of your current expertise level.

Now, anyone with an AIC Digital Library Card can review and digest a vast wealth of tips, techniques and advice that will shorten your learning curve and improve your astrophotographs at your convenience.

This includes answers to questions such as:
  • How do I reveal fine details without over-sharpening my images?
  • How do I increase color saturation without over doing it?
  • How can I improve my local seeing?
  • How do I process my images using the latest applications?
  • How do I bring out faint structures?
Your AIC Digital Library Card will give you access to every presentation and video tutorial in the AIC Digital Library from now until October 15, 2017, shortly following the next AIC. After that date, you can renew your Digital Library Card by re-subscribing or simply by attending AIC 2017- all AIC 2017 attendees will receive a free AIC Digital Library Card that is effective until the next post-2017 Advanced Imaging Conference.

As a special promotion, 100% of your AIC Digital Library Card payment will be credited toward your registration fee for AIC 2017. So, if you attend AIC 2017, the cost for your AIC Digital Library Card will effectively be zero because your AIC 2017 registration fee will be reduced by the cost of your AIC Digital Library Card.

If you attended AIC 2015, your AIC Digital Library Card is already active and will remain active until October 15, 2017, shortly following the next AIC. After that date, you may renew your AIC Digital Library Card either by subscribing for a new card or simply by attending AIC 2017- all AIC 2017 attendees will receive a free AIC Digital Library Card that will remain effective until the next post-2017 Advanced Imaging Conference.

To obtain your personal AIC Digital Library Card, or to get more information, click here.

Plan to attend Advanced Imaging Conference 2017

Plan to attend Advanced Imaging Conference 2017

Mark your calendars, set aside Friday, September 29 through Sunday, October 1, 2017 and plan to attend the next Advanced Imaging Conference! Next year's meeting will convene at the San Jose Convention Center in downtown San Jose, California.

Friday, during the day, will be dedicated to workshops brimming with expert instructional advice covering image processing, data acquisition and the use of popular processing software applications. Then, the Friday night general session will feature presentations by the community's best and brightest stars!

Saturday and Sunday will also be packed with workshops from the hobby's best practitioners and, throughout the long weekend, AIC 2017 will showcase the latest technology from our community's leading vendors, manufacturers and service providers.

Saturday night will also include a special cocktail party, included in your registration fee, for the attendees.

Remember, AIC isn't just for experts or deep space imaging enthusiasts. AIC 2017 will cover the entire gamut of astrophotography: deep space, planetary, solar, cometary and both photo and video TWAN-style imaging.

But, don't come alone! Bring your spouse, companion or your entire family and, for a small additional per person fee, they can join our all day Saturday tour while you're at the meeting.

Registration will open in early 2017. Watch for our announcement in the Scintillion newsletter and the AIC Blog.

There are other great gatherings where you can shop for newer or better equipment but only the Advanced Imaging Conference equips you with new ways to create better images!

Plan to be there!

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