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  AIC Volume 6, number 2
In this issue:
  • AIC announces dual Hubble recipients more...
  • AIC 2013 speakers announced more...
  • AIC adds Senior staffers more...
  • AIC turns 10 in 2013 more...
  • AIC Attendee Spouses Will Visit Stanford more...
  • 2011 AIC image gallery now on-line more...
  • 2011 Presentation downloads are available more...
  • The AIC Board of Directors
    Ken Crawford
    R. Jay GaBany
    Frank Barnes III
    Keith Allred
    Bob Fera

    AIC 2013
    October 11- 13
    Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, California
    2013 Registration Opens Soon!
    AIC 2012 Sponsors

    AIC Bestows First Dual Hubble Award on the Editors of APOD

    Dr. Jerry Bonnell and Dr. Robert Nemiroff- the APOD Editors
    The Board of Directors of the Advanced Imaging Conference is pleased to announce that Dr. Jerry Bonnell and Dr. Robert Nemiroff, the editors of APOD, have been selected, by unanimous vote, to receive the 2013 AIC Hubble Award for their continued support and on-going advancement of the astrophotography community.

    APOD's beginning were humble- it started over a series of lunch conversations between two office mates at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center who had just discovered the world wide web using the original Mosaic Internet browser. Over the years, it became one of the web's longest lasting, most beloved Internet destinations when the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) was launched on June 16, 1995 by Jerry Bonnell and Robert Nemiroff. To their surprise, the first edition received 14 visitors who stumbled upon the site. The next installment wasn't posted until later that week but, since then, APOD has not missed a day over its 18 year history with cumulative visitations exceeding one billion!

    The AIC Hubble Award is presented to those individuals who have demonstrated significant and sustained contributions to the astro-photography community over a period of years. Production of fine images is only one criteria but certainly not the most important factor that is considered. Popularization through public outreach, technical innovation, scientific contributions and selfless direct support to other imagers also represent key criteria that justify designation as a Hubble Award recipient.

    Essentially, APOD remains a humble operation that has not yet left the garage where it was launched. For example, APOD remains a two man operation. Both editors work independently, personally select each picture that's featured, write a description using their original Linux based HTML editor then post it in anticipation of the robotic process that publishes everything to the web.

    Featuring imagery culled from the world's great observatories, produced by orbiting telescopes and created by talented astrophotographers, today APOD has 10 new pictures for every one that's selected. Although their selections occasionally seem somewhat capricious to some, quirky pictures, images that tell a good story, scenes grabbed from news of the day, rare astronomical events and classic depictions tend to catch their attention.

    Significantly, APOD has been an ardent supporter of the astrophotographic community where imagery taken with modest equipment are showcased along side those produced by professionals using state of the art instruments.

    Both Jerry and Robert will present the 2013 Hubble Lecture at the beginning of this year's Saturday session on October 12. Please join the Board in offering both these gentlemen your heartiest congratulations and thanks!

    Bob Caton and Joel Hagen Accept Senior AIC Staff Positions

    The AIC Board of Directors is delighted to announce the addition of two senior level positions supporting the conference.
    • Bob Caton has accepted the board's invitation to serve as Sr. Director- Exhibitions for the AIC. Over the past several years, Bob has voluntarily poured thousands of dollars and an equal number of hours into one of a kind exhibits created expressly for the annual meeting. His enthusiasm for the hobby and AIC has been a source of inspiration to both the board and the conference's attendees. Bob's plans for this year's meeting include an upgrade to the display of the AIC Image Gallery, enlargement of the (already incredible!) 3D booth, a new immersive presentation called "The Black Hole", a board for mounting attendee image prints and more!
    • Joel Hagen has also been appointed Director- Astronomical Displays. Joel has been instrumental in the creation of never-before-seen 3D images taken by the Mar's rovers and culled from pictures produced by some of the world's greatest astrophotographers. Joel will continue to work with Bob as they take their AIC exhibitions to a new level this year.
    Please joint the AIC Board of Directors in welcoming Bob and Joel to the AIC team! Their generosity and selfless efforts help make AIC the greatest gathering of astrophotographers under one roof!

    AIC 2013: Prepare to be Amazed

    This year's conference is going to be the best one yet! We've invited all of the past Hubble Recipients to attend and most accepted! So, this is your best, and maybe last, opportunity to see and hear this many of astro-imaging's best and most brilliant stars in a single gathering!

    Our agenda has firmed and registration will be opening very shortly. In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of the speakers who will be appearing at this year's gathering:
    • Robert Naeye, Editor in Chief, Sky and Telescope
    • David Malin, legendary British-Australian astronomer, astrophotographer and AIC Hubble recipient
    • Robert Gendler, one of the world's greatest astrophotographers, author and AIC Hubble recipient
    • Alex Filippenko, astrophysicist and professor of astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley
    • Tony Hallas, one of the world's greatest astrophotographers, lecturer, columnist and AIC Hubble recipient
    • Adam Block, one of the world's greatest astrophotographers, program coordinator/principal speaker at the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center and AIC Hubble recipient
    • Ron Wodaski, a father of modern amateur digital astrophotography, lecturer, author and AIC Hubble recipient
    • Rogelio Bernal Andreo, acclaimed astrophotographer and AIC Pleiades Award recipient
    • Stan Moore, astrophotographer, author of CCD Stack image processing application
    • Mike Rice, owner/operator of New Mexico Skies
    • Neil Fleming, one of the world's leading narrow-band imagers
    • Warren Keller, astrophotographer, lecturer and author
    • Frank Barnes, astrophotographer and AIC Board member
    • Giovanni Paglioli, astrophotographer
    • Evert Cooper, astrophotographer, adaptive optics and seeing expert

    2013- AIC turns 10!

    In 2013, you can witness a once-in-a-lifetime celestial convergence when astrophotography's brightest stars from across the globe gather and celebrate the 10th birthday of the Advanced Imaging Conference- our community's premier annual event!

    We've invited each of the past Hubble recipients, plus our highest rated topics and speakers, to reveal the wonder and dispel the mystery about bringing out the best in your images! All this and much more are guaranteed to inform, inspire and excite you as only AIC can!

    Friday will be dedicated to workshops brimming with expert instructional advice covering image processing, data acquisition and the use of popular processing software applications. It's a treasury of information you'll find no where else on Earth!

    The Saturday and Sunday sessions also promise an exciting constellation of Astro-imaging's most brilliant luminaries and, throughout the long weekend, AIC 2013 will showcase the latest technology from our community's leading vendors, manufacturers and service providers.

    All meals will be included in the conference fee:
    • continental breakfast on Friday;
    • full breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning and
    • both lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday.
    Transportation between the San Jose International Airport and conference hotel will be provided free of charge and you'll be able to download each of the meeting presentations following the meeting.

    But, don't come alone! Bring your spouse, companion or your entire family and, for a small additional per person fee, they can tour the Bay area all day Saturday while you're at the meeting plus they can join you at every conference meal.

    Remember, there are other great gatherings where you can shop for better equipment but only the Advanced Imaging Conference equips you to create better images!

    Plan to be there! This special birthday event will only happen once!

    Spouses Enjoy Our Saturday Tour

    While you're settling into the weekend general sessions, let your wife, family members or traveling companion take a trip to Stanford.

    This year, the AIC Saturday Tour will open with a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Hanna House, located on the Stanford University Campus. Designed in 1936 for Stanford Professor Paul Hanna and his wife, Jean, it represented an elegant and affordable home for the American middle class. The long-term collaboration between the Hannas and Wright resulted in an unprecedented design: a house with no right angles and an open spatial plan. Hanna House was a turning point in Wright's career, leading to ideas later evidenced in New York's Guggenheim Museum.

    Next, our tour will feature a private luncheon at California Cafe. Located in the charming and historic Stanford Barn, Palo Alto’s California Cafe exists to provide an escape from the outside world. Locally known for its chef-driven creations, engaging service and relaxing ambiance, the restaurant's multicultural offerings feature seasonal ingredients with broad appeal. California Cafe 's relaxing environment will be a memorable California-style experience.

    Following lunch, you'll have the choice of browsing through Stanford Shopping Center- Northern California’s premier open-air shopping destination with Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Wilkes Bashford and more than 140 world-class specialty stores, ranging from luxury brands to local favorites.

    Or, you may elect to explore Stanford University's Cantor Art Museum- whose diverse collections span continents, cultures, and 5,000 years of art history including one of the largest presentations of Rodin bronzes outside Paris.

    Our private, chartered motorcoach departs the conference hotel at 10:15AM Saturday morning and includes tickets to the Hanna House, lunch at California Cafe and snacks. Our guests will return by 5:00PM Saturday afternoon in time to join you for the AIC Saturday evening Banquet dinner.

    Tour participation also includes all AIC conference meals- a $275 value for only $85 per person.

    The 2012 AIC Image Gallery Now Online

    The 2012 meeting offered attendees an opportunity to submit images for display during conference breaks, lunch and the Saturday night dinner. Again this year, the response was overwhelming to this invitation- we received dozens of beautiful pictures representing the current state of the art.

    To preserve this great gathering of talent, the AIC has posted the third annual on-line gallery of astrophotographic images. Each picture is displayed in a random sequence. A control is provided to navigate through the list. Click on any image to open a viewer that will display the full image with high quality. Here's the link:

    2012 AIC Gallery

    2012 Presentation Downloads Available to Conference Attendees

    A complete set of 2012 conference presentations is available for 2012 AIC conferees to download and review at their convenience. However, access to these files will remain limited to 2012 attendees until the second half of 2013 and require the submission of a username and password.

    All previous year's presentations remain unrestricted for download and study. Following is a list of links to each of the AIC's presentation archives.

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