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  AIC Volume 6, Number 1
In this issue:
  • Attendees visit historic Lick more...
  • Like AIC on Facebook more...
  • Image submissions from AIC 2012 now on-line more...
  • 2012 Presentation downloads are available more...
  • 2013 conference dates announced more...
  • AIC 2013
    October 11- 13
    Hyatt Regency
    Santa Clara, California
    AIC 2012 Sponsors
    Happy 2013!

    From the Advanced Imaging Conference management team, we hope you have a happy, safe and memorable 2013 with clear, dark, steady skies and the time to enjoy them!

    Ken, Jay, Frank, Keith, Bob

    2012 Attendees Take Pre-conference VIP Tour at Historic Lick Observatory

    AIC 2012 attendees have a personal visit with the 36-inch Great Lick Refractor. (photo by James Edlin)
    It was a revolutionary decision, when James Lick, the multimillionaire piano-builder turned land baron, agreed to have a monument to himself- an astronomical observatory housing the largest and most powerful telescope yet built by humankind- located high atop a remote mountain instead of somewhere in downtown San Francisco.

    Until the second half of the nineteenth century, observatories had been conveniently located in city centers. But, light and industrial pollution were already taking a toll on the acuity of many large telescopes. Significantly, the location of Lick Observatory, about 4,000 feet above sea level in the Diablo Mountains east of San Jose, California, was so successful, virtually every subsequent large observatory has been built on distant mountain tops where sky conditions are optimal.
    Normally off-limits, the tour included the Crossley 36-inch reflector. (photo by James Edlin)

    Interestingly, technological advances over the past decade have made it possible for amateurs to follow the same path forged by Lick over 125 years ago- almost 20% of non-professional astrophotographers now image from remote observatories, too. So, it was no surprise that a group of 25 AIC conferees eagerly drove the 20 mile winding road up Mount Hamilton for a private VIP tour, arranged by attendee James Edlin, at Lick Observatory the day before AIC 2012 commenced.

    Hosted by Dr. Paul Lynam, one of Lick's staff astronomers, the group was treated to an unprecedented three hour insider, up-close and personal visit with most telescopes at the famous astronomical facility. For example, they gained entrance to the 120-inch Shane reflector's high-precision coude spectrograph room which is normally off limits to non-researchers. This spectrograph has been responsible for detecting hundreds of exo-planets.
    Dr. Paul Lynam introduces the tour group to a bust of James Lick. (photo by James Edlin)

    The tour also included the 40-inch Nickel reflector, the historic 36-inch Crossley reflector (the first reflector used at a professional research facility- all others followed because of this one), the 120-inch Shane reflector and the incredible Great 36-inch refractor.

    AIC plans to offer a similar tour prior to the 2013 meeting for a small fee that will be donated to the Friends of Lick organization. Look for more information about this unique opportunity in future AIC Scintillion Newsletters.

    The 2012 AIC Image Gallery Now Online

    The 2012 meeting offered attendees an opportunity to submit images for display during conference breaks, lunch and the Saturday night dinner. Again this year, the response was overwhelming to this invitation- we received dozens of beautiful pictures representing the current state of the art.

    To preserve this great gathering of talent, the AIC has posted the third annual on-line gallery of astrophotographic images. Each picture is displayed in a random sequence. A control is provided to navigate through the list. Click on any image to open a viewer that will display the full image with high quality. Here's the link:

    2012 AIC Gallery

    2012 Presentation Downloads Available to Conference Attendees

    A complete set of 2012 conference presentations is available for 2012 AIC conferees to download and review at their convenience. However, access to these files will remain limited to 2012 attendees until the second half of 2013 and require the submission of a username and password.

    All previous year's presentations remain unrestricted for download and study. Following is a list of links to each of the AIC's presentation archives.

    2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012

    2013- AIC turns 10!

    In 2013, you can witness a once-in-a-lifetime celestial convergence when astrophotography's brightest stars from across the globe gather and celebrate the 10th birthday of the Advanced Imaging Conference- our community's premier annual event!

    We've invited each of the past Hubble recipients, plus our highest rated topics and speakers, to reveal the wonder and dispel the mystery about bringing out the best in your images! All this and much more are guaranteed to inform, inspire and excite you as only AIC can!

    Friday will be dedicated to workshops brimming with expert instructional advice covering image processing, data acquisition and the use of popular processing software applications. It's a treasury of information you'll find no where else on Earth!

    The Saturday and Sunday sessions also promise an exciting constellation of Astro-imaging's most brilliant luminaries and, throughout the long weekend, AIC 2013 will showcase the latest technology from our community's leading vendors, manufacturers and service providers.

    All meals will be included in the conference fee:
    • continental breakfast on Friday;
    • full breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning and
    • both lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday.
    Transportation between the San Jose International Airport and conference hotel will be provided free of charge and you'll be able to download each of the meeting presentations following the meeting.

    But, don't come alone! Bring your spouse, companion or your entire family and, for a small additional per person fee, they can tour the Bay area all day Saturday while you're at the meeting plus they can join you at every conference meal.

    Remember, there are other great gatherings where you can shop for better equipment but only the Advanced Imaging Conference equips you to create better images!

    Plan to be there! This special birthday event will only happen once!

    Next Issue: The 2013 Hubble Award Recipient

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