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Advanced Imaging Conference Newsletter
Volume 2, Number 1

2009 AIC Hubble Award

The Hubble Award is presented to those individuals who have demonstrated significant and sustained contributions to the astro-photography community over a period of years. Production of fine images is only one criteria but certainly not the most important factor that is considered. Popularization thorough public outreach, technical innovation, scientific contributions and selfless direct support to other imagers also represent key criteria that justify designation as a Hubble Award recipient.

Final selection is made by a unanimous vote of the AIC Board of Directors and previous winners have included such luminaries as Dr. David Malin (2006), Dr. Robert Gendler (2007) and Mr. Timothy Ferris (2008).

This year, the decision was particularly challenging as there were a number of well deserving candidates nominated. However, and after considerable deliberation, the Board of Directors have unanimously selected and are proud to announce that Mr. Tony Hallas will be the recipient of the 2009 Hubble Award for excellence and service to the astrophotography imaging community!

Tony's astrophotographic career can be summarized as a series of firsts. For example, starting out over 25 years ago, he was one of the first to produce film-emulsion images using an autoguider. Tony was also one of the first to champion the use of stacked astronomical images as a method that improved the final picture's signal to noise. Particularly during the early years of digital astrophotography, Tony's pictures were the reference to which digital imagers compared their images. Finally, to many in the community, Tony's images remain the first among equals in their aesthetic quality, composition and color! Tony's pictures have been published in countless magazines, television productions and books. He is a highly regarded speaker and the recipient of numerous, prestigious awards.

Tony will present the 2009 Hubble Award Lecture at this year's conference.

Please join with the AIC Board of Directors in extending our warmest congratulations!

2008 Conference Survey Results

The AIC received 130 responses to our survey for the 2008 conference. We thank each of you that had time to submit your evaluations and comments about the meeting. Based on the scores, the conference was judged successful by the vast majority of attendees. For example, the registration process, meeting organization, conference materials and the speakers were viewed favorably or very favorably by over 90 percent of the responses. Interestingly, our survey question about the responder's imaging experience level indicated that the meeting is reaching it's target audience- almost three quarters said they had been imaging for three years with 45% indicating five years or more!

Also intriguing, was the response we received to the question about where folks typically imaged. Our past time still retains it's backyard roots because almost half of the survey said that they took their exposures from home. Significantly, 20% indicated that they either rented time from a remote telescope set-up or owned one. This aspect of our hobby will bear watching over the next few years. Click here to see the full survey results.

We would also like to thank those folks who included comments, perceptions and suggestions about the meeting! Your words, even more than the survey questions, provided valuable information that will (and have already helped) enable us to improve the value of these sessions! Our thanks also go out to those who offered praise and congratulations- we genuinely appreciate it!

2009 Advanced Imaging Conference: October 30- November 1, San Jose, California

Planning for this year's meeting is already well under way. The conference committee listened to your comments and are planning a get together that places more emphasis on core image processing. While our agenda is still being finalized, following are a few of the speakers who have graciously agreed to make this year's meeting unforgettable:
  • Workshops by:
    • Adam Block will focus his considerable experience on intermediate to advanced processing techniques;
    • Ken Crawford will give insight into his traditional and beautiful six filter narrow band imaging processes;
    • Tony Hallas will unlock the lid and share many of his amazing image processing methods;
    • Warren Keller will provide his highly-regarded Photoshop training for beginner and intermediate imagers and
    • Craig Stark will offer great, time-saving advice about auto-guiding.

  • General session presentations by:
    • Tom Davis will discuss the unique challenges of and offer solutions for processing short focal length images;
    • Dr. David Martinez Delgado (IAC & MPIA) will describe his collaborative work in galactic archeology with the amateur astrophotography community;
    • R. Jay GaBany will talk about techniques that can sweeten the appeal of astronomical pictures to your eye teeth;
    • Tony Hallas will give the 2009 Hubble Award Lecture;
    • Paul Mortfield will have you running back to your old data to unlock new discoveries;
    • Craig Stark will offer tips about watching the stars while watching your budget and
    • Volker Wendel will describe the techniques he has mastered over the years for bringing out the best in long focal length data.
This is just a sample, more speakers and workshops are being scheduled and will be announced in upcoming AIC Newsletters.

Look for our early registration invitation this spring!

Advanced Imaging Conference Presentation Archive

Now you can download and study the groundbreaking presentations that have been given at each of the Advanced Imaging Conferences over the years. Each presentation has been placed in our permanent archive and is now available for you to store on your local drive and review when you need them or when you have spare time. Access to the archive is available from the AIC web site but each link is presented below for your convenience. Please remember, each is copyright material so refrain from distributing them without permission from the author.






2008 AIC Image Gallery

The 2008 meeting offered attendees an opportunity to submit their images for display during conference breaks, lunch and the Saturday night dinner. The response was overwhelming to this invitation- we received almost 200 beautiful pictures that represented the current state of the art.

To preserve this great gathering of talent, the AIC has created the first annual on-line gallery of astrophotographic images. Each picture is displayed in a random sequence. A control is provided to navigate through the list. Click on any image to open a viewer that will display the full image with high quality. Here's the link:

2008 AIC Gallery

2008 Conference Survey Results

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