Advanced Imaging Conference

Happy Holidays!

From the Advanced Imaging Conference management team, we hope you have a happy, safe and memorable holiday season with clear, dark, steady skies and the time to enjoy them!

2008 Conference Presentations

Many of the speakers at this year's meeting have graciously submitted their presentations so that you can download and review them. We will be adding to the list of available files as more are received. Here's the web address for this year's meeting archive:

AIC T-shirts

We expect to receive our full shipment of AIC Commemorative T-shirts from the printer later this week. Three sets of pre-production samples did not meet our quality standards and this introduced unexpected delays. We will begin sending them out as soon as they arrive. Thank you, again, for your patience!

Share your conference photos

Did you take pictures at this year's meeting? Would you be willing to share them with others? If so, please submit a few images and we'll make them part of our 2008 online Scrapbook! To upload your pictures, click here. We'll announce the URL of the online image viewer in the next edition of the AIC Newsletter.

Other projects in process:

  • The 2008 Conference Survey results will be made available in our next newsletter. Over 120 surveys have been received and are being compiled into a summary for your review. We thank everyone who took time to complete and submit their feedback!
  • An archive of previous year's conference presentations will soon be available. Currently, the 2007 Conference talks can be downloaded here.
  • The 2008 AIC image gallery, featuring pictures displayed throughout the 2008 meeting, will be available as an online slide show late January 2009.