Advanced Imaging Conference Presentation Archive

Advanced Imaging Conference
Conference Presentation Archive

The primary purpose of the annual AIC gathering is to enable the sharing of information about image acquisition and processing techniques. This is accomplished though face to face networking among the conference attendees and presentations by leading, world class astrophotography experts. Many of those presentations are also available for downloading and subsequent review.

The following list of links will return presentation archives from each conference. Not all presentations are available, however. Most presentations have been saved as PDF documents to protect the IP of the authors. Distribution, electronic or otherwise, or deconstruction of any presentation is prohibited without express permission of the author.

  • 2004: Bisque, Crawford & Goldman, Croman, Gralak, Hallas, McLaughlin, Moore, Schillings, Smith, Wendel, Wodaski

  • 2005: Barber, Bennion, Block, Crawford, Croman, Ehrhorn, Frattare, Gendler, Gleason, Goldman, Levay, Mandel, Schedler, Wodaski

  • 2006: Barber, Bisque, Block, Bonnell, Croman, Ehrhorn, GaBany, Gilbert, Goldman, Hallas, Schur

  • 2007: Allred & McLaughlin, Barber, Block, Bolte, Cannistra, Crawford, Fleming, GaBany, Gendler, Goldman, Schur, Verschatse

  • 2008: Bakich, Cullen, Filippenko, Ford, Gleason, Gralak, Holmes, Moore, Thomas, Walker, Wodaski

  • 2009: Block, Bonnell, Crawford, Davis, Erickson & Krishnaswamy, GaBany, Hallas, Keller, Martinez-Delgado, Mortfield, Sherick, Sjoberg, Stark, Wendel

  • 2010: Andreo, Croman, Denny, Fera, Fleming, Frattare, GaBany, Goldman, Joner, Kelly, Klaus, Levay, B. Moore, S. Moore, Nelson, Pugh, Smith

  • 2011: Block, Cannistra, Martinez-Delgado, DiCicco, GaBany, Goldman, Jones, Kalajian, Leshin, Rice, Risinger, Salman, Simons, Smith, Wodaski

  • 2012: Blackhurst, Block, Brady, Crawford, Eicher, Fera,Grasso, Hallas, Hubl, Marcy, Puckett, Rector, Symon, Smith, Wodaski

  • 2013: Barnes, Block, Bonnell, Cooper, Filippenko, Fleming, Gendler, Hallas, Keller, Malin, Moore, Naeye, Nemiroff, Paglioli, Rice, Wodaski/LI>